An ode to Eloor Library

I was 4 years old and my mom decided to join me in a library.

Eloor was more than just a library for me. It was my safe harbor, my guidance (thanks to the personality development section) and the one place that accepted me when I was a gawky teenager.


From Ladybirds that my mom had to read to me, to me slowly crawling through Enid Blytons. To Roald Dahl to Ruskin Bond, dancing through Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, always unable to take sides (though the feminist in me inclined towards Nancy Drew a bit). Also not to mention the guilty pleasure of reading Sweet Valley High books!. Then there was a brief period when a school book review which started with Charles Dickens led me into the world of classics. I was deeply moved by books like Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden and the like. When I exhausted all the comprehensive reading (with a red eye and a sweaty forehead of course) somehow strangely I felt attracted to horror novels. There was just something about horror that would hook you onto it, making you wonder what was next. Thus started the whole R.L. Stine fiasco and Christopher Pike obsession.


Eloor has been with me through all these years, making me the person I am today. After a point of time I would go to the library (usually after my exams get over) to pick books randomly without seeing them or reading the gist because I didn’t want to judge a book my it’s cover. Though I tried branching out to different libraries, I could never find comfort in them and would run back to Eloor to find the friendly faces of the employees there. I believe they have also seen me grow up as they were there from time immemorial!


Eloor had underwent losses in the past two years and  they are forced to shut down the library in March 2018. They are running a sale on all their books to dispose off them and we can always see it crowded these days by book hungry bibliophiles. The above picture shows the condition of the library now. Books scattered everywhere, the final shackles of the library ripped apart by the human hands once again.

I know this is quiet a long post but some things had to be vented out. Eloor, even though has reached its final chapter, will always stay close to my heart. The reader in me has been provoked and this will not be the end to my reading. I will not opt for an eBook or any sort of reader which has killed many precious libraries like my Eloor but I will still read books only when I can physically feel them. This could be a loosing battle at the rate the world is speeding up but I will not be shaken for I have the power of a hefty hardcopy.


If you still want to check out Eloor though I’m pretty sure half of it’s books would’ve gone by now, you can visit the below address, but make sure you are there by 10am sharp. They are letting in very less people to avoid congestion

A 3 & 4, Mandira Apartments 23, North Boag Road, Near Gangotri Sweet Shop, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Kudos to all the  book readers out there!



3 thoughts on “An ode to Eloor Library

  1. Oh my goodness…I’m so glad someone’s spoken about this on WordPress! I wish we’d taken some sort of initiative to contribute to the library so it would still be alive and brimming with books today. I was left heart-broken.


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