The Toy Story

Growing up in the 90s, the one thing that I learnt to appreciate is, basically my childhood. Like honestly, let’s all take a moment to admit that the shows these days can not even be compared to the shows that were aired those days! Also children weren’t really glued to the television sets (or any screen like these days) and would go out and play.


Speaking about playing, last Saturday I saw my baby cousin playing Candy Crush (level 101) in her mom’s iPhone. Though it is pretty impressive that she is way ahead of me in this game by 109282910 points (and 13 years younger to me in age), I see a plight in the parent’s eyes when they see their kids being provided the virtues of gaming through a smart phone where all she has to do it swipe balls of the same color. It also gets pretty addictive but that keeps her quiet until her 5 lives in the game are done. After all the free games any smartphone can offer, if her interest gets moved to toys, they were more of talking toms with easily exhaustible batteries and stuffed Chota Bheem toys (What is with POGO for only airing Chota Bheem 24/7 anyway?!).

With her birthday around the corner, I decided to get her something more meaningful than a stuffed toy or a singing Elsa doll. While I was going through the internet, I came across this amazing company called ‘Fat Brain Toys’, an US based company (thankfully shipping to India and showing prices in INR – later’s benefit would be well appreciated by the mathematically and financially crippled elite) making toys which not only support playing but also invoke the curiosity in kids and gives them the satisfaction of doing something on their own. For example, they have toy sewing kits with tiny sewing machines to robot building exercises. They also have categories for boys and girls and have further subdivided them into different age groups, raising the difficulty and understanding level of making the toys at each age level. They also make personalized gifts for the younger ones who might need that little extra attention.

Whether it’s a kid who wants to make his/her own R1D1 or a kid who want’s to build her/his own toy house, Fat Brain Toys seems to have done an amazing job. If there is a little one in your house and you are looking to gift them, do visit this website for mind stimulating games!

Note-This is not a sponsored post


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