There is a perception while writing that capitalization means BOLD or LOUD. When we read, our mind picks up on this and raise our mental voices on capitalized words respectively. So I guess I did a good job with my title there.

Of course I’m a blogger talking about strength and it’s not gonna be about physical strength. Also I don’t have much details about that as I am perennially underweight.

Strength lies in the single mother struggling to be both a father and a mother to her child.

Strength lies in the woman who’s closest of kin passes away yet she chooses to wipe the tears and  make tea for the funeral mourners.

Strength lies in the man who’s not afraid to wear that bright shade of crimson on his lips when the world watches him strut in his high heels with his nose held higher.

Strength lies in the man who know’s nothing about the new born yet promises the baby that he’d never have the kid growing up missing on the mother.

Strength lies in the child who’s torn between choosing sides because his/her parents never found the common grounds to live together.

Strength lies in the army man’s wife/the mariner’s wife who look wayward the northern stars for hope and well being of their beloved ones.

Strength lies in the boy whose living in the hostel and slowly thinking that his mother didn’t cook all that bad after all.

Strength lies in the teenager who wept all night after her first breakup yet smiles at her friends the next day. (UPDATE according to 2018 Anthropolgy records – Strength lies in the teenager who opened a Tinder account after her first breakup)

Strength lies in the new physically challenged getting accustomed to his/her artificially attached limb.

Strength lies in the kid who decided to shave off his head to support cancer patients.

Strength is a paradox at times. Arising from the weak, sparkling from the shed tears. Arising from the grunt of a man fallen for the sixteenth time to only get up at his seventeenth.

Strength is in understanding that we are all flawed and we all face the same hell at different levels, yet deciding to put on that bold tint of lip paint or pull up that collar a bit higher and walk straight.

Absolutes are only present in a surreal world.

We are not perfect and neither is the world. Keep holding that chin high because going by the quote in one of my math coaching classes’ wall (yes, yes, more the reason why I never picked up math) ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

PS- This is for my special friend out there. Sending you all my love through the below tattered doodle which I hope resembles you.  Hope you still love me after my faltering attempts at sketching you.




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