V-Day Atrocities

Dear Reader,

So here is Valentines day (which is being fondly referred to as the “V-Day” by people like me who are pretty lazy to type huge words) and the one SMS I got is from Big Basket, claiming their cauliflowers are only 9Rs and I shouldn’t miss this opportunity. All my friends seem to boast of atleast Uber and Ola offers for valentines when I am left with nothing other than cauliflower and tomato rates.


Fine, I head out of the house as my cell phone does not offer me enough entertainment. Now dear reader, it is pretty dangerous to go out on valentines for two reasons. If you are going alone, you might likely have to witness every other couple around you. Why this is dangerous you ask? Well, firstly if you decide to walk and go, you would be unable to cross them on a sidewalk as sidewalks in genenral are unforgiving for the third person and it is not decent to walk inbetween two people holding hands. Secondly. if you decide to drive, then you might come across people driving bikes in fancy stunt styles to impress the  girl sitting behind them which might probably scare you more than the girl sitting behind the biker.

The other reason for it to be dangerous to walk out alone on valentines is, (this one’s for all the Indians out there) it could pretty much lead to war. But this reason to war will only arise if I had decided to take that fellow neighbour who happens to be a male, along because it was getting dark and who know’s how safe it is in dark alley ways in India anyways.


No sir, are you kidding? It is too dangerous in a place like India to celebrate Valentines or wear anything in red showing I am supportive of this whole “myth” created by some saint eons back who might not even have intended all this in the first place. Probably I’m wearing only red because from January stores won’t sell anything other than red because of the impeding Valentines.

That is when I decided to sit at home and have the guilty pleasure of boycotting valentines in my very own way. Here are few links from around which have an interesting view:

On why Valentines is illegal

We have made valentine’s day the scapegoat for disturbingly regressive attitude towards consensual adult relationships outside the paradigm of social permissibility.” – hits the head of the nail.

Here is what you have to do if your lazy and obligned to give a gift.

A Valentines for one.

Do all the singles go for “Love yourself” quote on valentines? Meghan Markle’s 2015 post about Valentines is defintelty a must read!

Also thanks to the most amazing friend who decided to get me a pizza for Valentines. The below picture is yet another pathetic attempt of me trying to sketch you. Sorry for making your lips look like Kylie Jenner’s.

God deployed the best friends on earth to do background checks on Prince charming and to cater to the turophiles.



4 thoughts on “V-Day Atrocities

  1. Thank you for sharing the post,it definitely was a nice read. Ah, the only incident I can remember from the “V-day” is watching hundreds of youngsters rummaging through the streets chanting “Pyar ek dhoka hai”.
    Btw, nice sketch.



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