La vie En Rose

Audrey Hepburn singing Edith Piaf’s “la vie en rose” in the car to Linus is the only thing I remember from the movie Sabrina. In my defense, I was nine years old then. That is the first time I stumbled upon this song.


On a later date, nearing the end of “How I met your Mother”, I heard Cristin Milioti singing the same song on a ukulele. That is when I got curious and searched for this song.


Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina was bold enough to sing this song in French to Linus. Keeping my lack of proper vocal training in mind, I was hesitant to sing this song out loud all this while and instead would hum it from time to time.

The original song was written and sung during the World War II when men were forced to go to war and women had to stay behind and do the chores they could. There was a bit of melancholy in the sight of women waiting for their men to be back. The times were hard.

The singer, Edith Piaf, chose hope over gloom. The song was sung to give faith. It was sung to soldiers in war and to the women waiting for these soldiers as well. It was celebrated and cherished. Life through rosy glasses, the literal translation of the same, happens when every day monotonous actions appear cheerful and plainly blissful. This meaning of the song has led to it to be widely romanticised.

Stories apart, I have decided to finally give it a try. To be brave enough to sing it out and make it public. Now I might not be a singer but this is me singing that everything appears rosy from here, that life is beautiful, that hope should always be spread even in the most untrained voice. Here is my version of “la vie en rose” for you.



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