Letter to God




Spiritual world

Dear Lord,

Umm, hey there, how’s it up there? Okay, I’m not really a prayer person. Not very formal either from what you can see but I truly believe if you are close to someone (You) you lose all the formalities. Since we got that cleared up, I guess I can get started on the letter.

Lately, there have been many “misadventures” in my life and I thought some help from above would clear things out a bit and help me focus on things in a more effective way. Below are my speculations for these setbacks:

Did the problems start when I was born on a peculiar day and never found a non-celebrity birthday twin? Or when I was the only child and found solace in disassociation which is apparently a “complete disruption in an individual’s consciousness or psychological state of functioning” according to psychcentral? Or was it when I was a kid and not exactly athletic that nobody would pick me in their teams? Was it when I was bullied in high school for having a scalp disease and no one would like to sit beside me and that even my best friend had to join the bullying to not be left out? Was it when my first breakup made me realize I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the tablets I took made me fat as well? Was it when my friends lied to me or my boyfriends made up multiple stories to sound heroic? Was it when my plans never happened and it seemed/seems like I’m the most unlucky person on this earth?

Do you feel that at times, the universe somehow never lets you feel satisfied or happy? Oh sorry, you created the universe! Why didn’t I have a special skill? Why is my mind always speaking and why can’t I rest? Why do I always ruin every relationship with anyone I have? Why is it that nobody ever wants to put me in front of them like I always do?

I know that a school of thought might argue with me saying verses such as, “people have it worse than you” “Haah, that was nothing, and you call these problems?Loser!” I know you are expected to be grateful and happy for what you have but it is quite difficult when your entire world comes crashing down. Wait, is this it? Am I selfish and ungrateful for wanting more? Is this why I am jinxed?

Oh Great Almighty, please let me know asap on the one thing I can point all my misfortunes to so that I can work on it. Eager to hear from you.

Warm Regards
Distressed soul


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