World vs The Little Sqabbler

I stood there looking at him, completely clueless. His 19-inch figure slowly grunted. He was too tired to cry but reluctant to give up either.

I stood there looking at him, completely baffled. Why is he still crying? Can babies cry for no reason? I was slowly ticking off my mental baby checklist. Food, check. Medicines, check. Goodnight kiss, check. Diaper, check. Swaddle, (only my wrist aches) so check!

I stood there looking at him, completely bewildered. God and his multiple creations! He who created mountains and seas created you and me. Created the little being with tiny hands and a 19-inch body. The little being whose face cannot be differentiated from other 19-inches around the world now, but will soon grow to take the nose of his pappachi or the ears of his mammachi.

I stood there looking at him, completely befuddled. Why is he still crying? Is it the darkness that he is afraid of? It can’t be, can it? He was named “Aryan” just a few months back when he filled my hands with his being. Aryan, meaning “the honorable warrior”. Maybe it is too much to expect from the tiny Aryan with no training. Of course, his hands are too small even for his toy sword. Maybe it’s not just me, we all do this. We all expect our kids to walk on water at times. We want them to be doing cartwheels before they can walk and memorize all the capitals for the states before they could talk.

I stood there looking at him, slightly distracted. I couldn’t stop the burgeoning affection in my heart for him. The darkness is not half as bad as the things that happen in the well-lit world outside! Out there, there are bullies who make you feel small, friends who would make you do things you won’t do in your free-will, the society which would tempt you to fit into it’s accepted molds, set double standards, sprinkle prejudice and partiality which would belittle your knowledge. Blows of racism and injustice would put you down. But just like fighting the darkness with your tiny pink fists, you would have to fight the world with your wisdom and skills. The world will let you pave a path in its muddy ground if you promise to follow your heart and stick to your instincts. But you are too small now for me to explain all this to you. You won’t understand and you would bawl only even more.

So let me tell you one thing, even though I am completely clueless, baffled, bewildered, befuddled or distracted, I shall stay here standing to tell you that there is always a way through the darkness and that it will all be okay.



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